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There are all sorts of ways to personalise your beautiful Folio album, so let’s get started!

folio album personalisation by julie skelton photography julie anne images

From cover material and colour, to engraving and layout, we’ll work together to produce a design worthy of being passed down from one generation to the next. Your order form is at the bottom of this page, but first, let me show you some options you’ll be asked to choose from.

Julie Skelton Photography albums by Folio luxury heirloom handmade book

Cover material samples









Cover text font

Choose from:

Helvetica    /    Century    /    Century Gothic    /    Courier    /    Gill Sans    /    Times    /    Trajan    /    Univers    /    Bombshell.


Please be aware that some fonts may not be suitable for certain cover / colour combinations. I will advise if there is a mismatch with your choices.








On leather and Purity covers, you have the option to upgrade to 22 carat gold embossing (cost applies; please refer to the form below).



Ready with your choices? Let’s order!