Floral Imaginarium in spring

Earlier this year I was again working alongside Rebecca Tiller, Surrey-based floral genius, to showcase some of her latest creations. Rebecca’s displays are textural, sculptural and organic works of art that catch the eye – as an enthusiastic Surrey garden photographer, I’m always really creatively inspired by spending time capturing her work. On this occasion, we’d arranged to use the grounds of a local sculpture park, a setting which is a perfect complement for her arrangements, with plenty of rusting metal, mossy branches and dark corners to choose from. If you’re looking for floral displays which are offbeat, whimsical and packed with texture, then feast your eyes on these.

heart shaped bridal bouquet with catkins and orchids by rebecca tiller surrey flowersorchid and catkin macro details on quirky different bridal bouquet by rebecca tiller surreybowl shaped quirky leafy bouquet with orchids floating in pond in sunlightdetails of pink red purple quirky bowl shaped bouquet floral arrangement by rebecca tillerwoodland bark rustic quirky plant arrangement by rebecca tillerquirky lord of the rings woodland bark plant arrangement centrepiece floral display by rebecca tillerunusual floral display quirky arrangement in silver frame by rebecca tillerorganic wild loose natural floral arrangement detail by rebecca tillerdetail of hydrangea in frame loose organic floral display by rebecca tiller surrey florist unusual willow ring structure floral display unusual quirky surrey floristdetail of unusual textural sculptural floral display on willow with hosta and peony surrey floristwhite peony and green hosta detail surrey flower photographersculptural floral vases unusual centrepieces rebecca tiller surrey floristquirky floral centrepieces textural sculptural vases flowers with details by surrey florist rebecca tiller



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