A little bit more about Julie Est. 2008
I established my photography business over 10 years ago, covering
family portraits which then led into weddings and sort of snowballed
from there...

Now, I'm going back to my roots and my passions,
concentrating on photography which covers gardens and gardeners;
farming, food provenance and the farm-to-table story in pictures;
food & drink, the outdoors, health & wellbeing.

I love to work with local businesses to show the dedication that
goes into running a small enterprise. I enjoy being out in all weathers
and at odd hours to capture the year-round story of a garden!
I'm fully insured, using Sony professional cameras and lenses,
and a member of the Garden Media Guild and
Professional Garden Photographer's Association.

In my spare time, I'm slowly getting there with persuading my
3 teenagers that there is much joy to be found in eating homegrown
rhubarb or peas straight from the pod; admiring a hard-earned view
from a breezy hilltop; and keeping your musical tastes
as wide-ranging
as possible...

Find my Professional Garden Photographer's Association profile page here: PGPA Julie Skelton

Find my Garden Media Guild profile here: Garden Media Guild: Julie Skelton

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