A lockdown garden, Chapter Two: gratuitous veg

As seeds started to sprout, much to my surprise, and then turn into healthy thriving plants, I decided that they needed more than just a quick record of their existence. Disclaimer – I am very, VERY soft when it comes to consuming / discarding / destroying anything. When I had to thin out the lettuce seedlings, I couldn’t bear to throw the thinnings away (how do you pick your favourites? It’s very brutal) and transplanted them into another vegetable trug. I can’t tell you how much lettuce we’ve ended up with and I don’t even like the stuff that much… However, the first lettuce ‘Salad Bowl Mixed’ that I harvested, came out of the soil with such a beaut of a root network, that it was crying out to have its portrait taken. Then there was an early (I was probably slightly impatient) perfectly symmetrical and outrageously colourful beetroot. And so it began – a project recording what I’ve grown, before it became involved with our digestive systems.

photography portrait of beetroot 'moneta' and example of three beetroot prepared for vegetable showcarrot thinnings of irregular shapesportraits of carrots wonky vegblackcurrants and portrait of a Siamese double strawberryblueberries good for heart health and portrait of a bowl of homegrown blackcurrantsdutch masters style photography of a pea pod and parts of the pea plantdetailed photography of parts of the pea plant edible garden

young rhubarb stalks in a row non-forced early rhubarb

lettuce salad bowl mixed green and red with roots intactportrait of a bunch of spring onion 'guardsman'macro details of a bowl of strawberries plus flower mixed selection of elsanta and cambridge favouriteharvest of finger carrots 'Amsterdam 2' with two courgette zucchini showing male and female flowers from plantmixed selection of green and red gooseberries in macro detail with leaves

More of these to come, as long as everything keeps growing and seeds keep sprouting. You can follow veggie portraits on my alternative Instagram account @gratuitousveg.


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